The authors of the “Extended Edition” of Silent Hill 2 spoke about the status of the project


Town of Silent Hill, the group of enthusiasts behind the amazing Enhanced Edition of Silent Hill 2, has released a new Project Status Update video. In it, the developers talk in detail about some of the new features that will appear in this project.

The Silent Hill 2 Enhanced Edition development team is planning to implement an installation wizard to make life easier for PC gamers. There are also plans to fix an audio issue that is currently affecting the game. In addition, the developers intend to improve many in-game elements.

If you didn’t know, Silent Hill 2: Enhanced Edition is a set of mods that significantly improves the quality of the original original game, adapting it to modern systems. It is not currently known when the new version of Silent Hill 2 Enhanced Edition will be released, but you can download its previous version.

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