The authors of The Matrix Awakens have published in the public domain the Neo table and other materials for Unreal Engine 5


Now anyone can download Neo’s apartment from The Matrix Awakens high-tech tech demo. The authors of the project on Unreal Engine 5 published open access to a large number of assets, which will allow you to use them in your personal projects and get acquainted in detail with the capabilities of the new engine.

Neo’s table scene was reportedly created by Dekogon Studios, led by art director Clinton Krampler and Taylor Brandenburger. Their team was also responsible for other objects in The Matrix Awakens, which stand out for their incredible detail.

The Neo table powered by Unreal Engine 5 includes 139 meshes, layered materials, realistic post-processing and more. Most of all, the developers are proud of the excellent detailing that the players praised so much.

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