The Big Harvest Begins in Season 8 of Snowrunner

The new add-on will add a Step 39331 “Pike” truck to the game, in which ZIL features are guessed, and two Kirovets tractors, as well as four maps in the countryside and farming mechanics.

Farming is coming to Snowrunner for the first time: Season 8 features a host of new activities, including restoring the local town and airfield, farming and repairing equipment, and maintaining clean energy infrastructure across the landscape of train stations, gas stations, construction zones, villages, and farm fields .

New adventures for players will unfold across four maps, and three new vehicles will appear in the garage: the classic heavy-duty Step 39331 “Pike”, as well as the old-school K700 and the ultra-modern K7M.

Season 8: Grand Harvest launches October 13 on all platforms. The add-on can be purchased separately, and is also available as part of the second season pass for the game.

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