The Callisto Protocol looks like a much bloodier version of Dead Space

If you’ve taken a look at the new The Callisto Protocol screenshots provided by Game Informer, you’ve probably noticed that the monsters look somewhat human-like. And this is intentional.

According to character director Glauco Longa, each part of the mutated humans known as biophages actually began as “human scansbefore the design team took them apart. This is the concept that Striking Distance calls “designer realismand she talks about her efforts to make biophages familiar yet terrifying.

“These enemies are based on reality,” explains character director Glauco Longhi. “We start with something that was real, and now we’re turning it into something that feels a little more than real. It really expands reality in a way, and we definitely want to use the idea of ​​releasing the beast and animal. We want it to be very violent, scary and frightening.”

With that in mind, biophages move like humans, but they change the way they fight you depending on the damage you do to them. For example, if you cut off their legs, they can only reach you by crawling. But like all good horror games, biophages come in many forms, and to excel at them, you’ll need to get creative with the powers of the protagonist, Jacob Lee.

There’s a lot of gore in Glen Scofield’s upcoming game, with horrific player deaths that could give Mortal Kombat, Until Dawn, Dead Space and Soldier of Fortune a head start. But maybe that’s part of the fun when you’re playing a horror game, and something that Striking Distance wants to use to the best of its ability.

To create these very gory moments, Striking Distance apparently took a close look at how flesh decomposes when fired and how blood splatters when hit with heavy objects. The team even watched actual footage of the police investigation into certain gruesome scenarios.

“We definitely want the player to feel happy when they shoot, or really scared when they get killed,” Longhi adds. “There is a lot of blood in the game. Blood is a really big part of how we’re going to harass the player and create horror.”

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