The combat system in Hogwarts Legacy has been mixed by users, but developers can still improve it


The long-awaited presentation of Hogwarts Legacy, a new game in the amazing universe of Harry Potter, took place the other day. The developers showed the first gameplay of the project and dwelled on some of the mechanics, among which was the combat. Judging by the reaction of users, they did not like the combat system too much.

Gamers noticed that during the presentation, opponents behave “unnaturally and stupidly.” During the battle with a crowd of enemies, nothing threatens the main character while he attacks one enemy, the rest simply wait their turn or simply move away. Many social media users do agree with this statement, but advise against jumping to conclusions.

Hogwarts Legacy should be released on PC and consoles only at the end of the year, developers still have time to improve artificial intelligence. In addition, it should also not be ruled out that the battles in the presentation were completely staged or taken from the beginning of the game, where the opponents are greatly simplified.

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