The creator of It Takes Two shared cut frames from the game


Game designer Youssef Fares shared footage of squirrel fights that didn’t make it into the final version It Takes Two. Award-Winning Co-op Game Named GOTY at the Awards 2021 Game Awards, was released last year digitally for PC, past and current generation consoles under Electronic Arts’ EA Original label.

The game It Takes Two tells of Cody and May, a married couple on the verge of divorce. After telling her daughter Rose about their plans to break up, the girl uses dolls modeled after her parents to fix the situation in her own, childish way. Shortly thereafter, the couple awaken as these dolls, altered by a magical spell designed to bring them closer.

Last Friday, January 21st, It Takes Two creator Youssef Fares posted a short clip of cut content from the co-op game. The video, which is just under 10 seconds long, shows two squirrels beating each other with blow after blow. The two are reminiscent of characters from Alvin and the Chipmunks, although neither of them seem to be interested in performing the song. Check out the two squirrels in the tweet below, or this one link:

Fares offered no explanation as to why this particular content was left out. However, it would be an intriguing meeting for Cody and May in It Takes Two, which they might stumble upon during their adventure. Who knows, maybe the fighting squirrels will get another chance to shine in the next game from Fares and his team from Hazelight Studios.

In addition to its incredible critical success, It Takes Two was also a hit with the general public. In June 2021, just three months after launch, the game passed the two million mark in sales worldwide. By October, it had sold over three million copies, demonstrating that quality co-op adventures are still in demand.

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