The creator of the original Dead Space said he was disappointed that he could not take part in the creation of a remake

Dead Space creator Glen Scofield recently shared his feelings about the Dead Space remake, saying it’s “a bit odd” not to be involved with an EA-in-development project.

Speaking to Game Informer, Scofield said he took the announcement of the Dead Space remake “as a compliment” and that he’s glad the franchise was given a “second chance,” but he’s still “a little disappointed” that he won’t be in the upcoming game.

I took this announcement as a compliment. I still take it as a compliment. But I’m also a little sorry. It’s a strange thing, like you have nothing to do with your own game. It’s a strange feeling. They want to make the game better than I did.

As a reminder, Scofield was the creator and executive producer of Dead Space (2008) when it was part of Visceral Games and made creative contributions to Dead Space 2 before leaving the studio to co-found Sledgehammer Games in 2009. Scofield was not involved with the 2013 Dead Space 3 game.

As a reminder, Scofield is currently working on The Callisto Protocol, a horror game that is expected to follow the style of Dead Space, although it is not related to this franchise in any way. Recall that the action of the game takes place in the PUBG universe.

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