The creator of the original Halo criticized the series based on the game


The creator of the first parts of the shooter also joined in criticizing the series based on Halo. Markus Leito, one of the co-authors of the franchise and the developer of Halo: Combat Evolved, Halo 2, and Halo 3, did not describe the shortcomings of the show for a long time, but he very accurately noticed its main disadvantage. Leito stated that this is “not the Halo he made”.

The creator of the shooter noticed that the authors of the film adaptation literally show the audience a completely different world. Markus Leito was left disappointed with some of the script decisions, which greatly deviate the series from the original.

Recall that recently the creators of the series shocked the audience with a strange intimate scene with the Master Chief.

Despite the criticism, Marcus still liked some moments in the series. He praised the Spartan fight scenes and the practical effects.

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