The creators of Gothic 1 Remake “want to introduce” mountable goblins on snappers into the game


With humor from the developers of the remake of the legendary gothic it’s definitely all right. In an attempt to parody many of the very strange and wild offerings from major gaming companies, they have rolled out a beautiful screen shot of a goblin on a ride.

Gothic community, we hear you loud and clear. That’s why we decided to give you exactly what you’ve been asking for the past two years: goblin riders.

The new Goblin Snapper mount will be available in the Gothic 1 Remake G-Store shortly after release! Help them attack lone travelers in style with this exclusive reptile mount skin, available at 50% off for one week only.

I remind you that the remake is planned to be released fully translated into Russian. There is no exact release date yet, but the joke will definitely stir up fans’ interest in the famous role-playing game.

Let’s make Playground great!

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