The creators of Halo, Call of Duty and Doom are involved in the development of Perfect Dark


During the latest podcast hosted on Xbox One, journalist and insider Windows Central Jez Corden said that in the creation of the reboot Perfect Dark involved Certain Affinity is an ex-Bungie studio that has worked on several Call of Duty and Halo games, including Halo Infinite, and even the recent Doom reboot.

Based on information obtained from his anonymous sources, Corden believes he can say with relative certainty that Certain Affinity “working on Perfect Dark“. The team is developing a variety of content such as game assets, gear, and levels.

“They’re working on Perfect Dark,” Jez Corden said in a podcast, specifically noting that the team is “working on assets and levels” for the game. “They’re also working on weapons,” Corden adds, saying he’s “heard about the crossbow in particular.”

The Windows Central editor also explains that he did not receive any information about the presence or absence of the multi-user component.

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