The creators of Mad Max are working on the “biggest and greatest AAA game” in the history of the studio


Avalanche Studio Group is a fairly large company that has worked on several big games in the past, such as Mad Max And just cause. But judging by the new vacancy on the studio’s website, it is now developing what they believe will be the biggest and most important game the Swedish studio has ever made.

Avalanche Studios Group and its creative division Avalanche Studios is looking for an Animation Programmer for the biggest and greatest AAA project we’ve ever taken on. With this project, we want to take animation quality much further than we’ve done before, and it will require us to bring our animation technology to the cutting edge.

The job posting says the programmer will be working on an action-adventure open-world game featuring natural and urban landscapes. The description may be related not only to the new just causebut also with the possible Mad Max 2, about which appeared not so long ago gossip.

Avalanche also cooperates with Xbox Game Studios in developing Contrabanda new action game announced for PC and Xbox Series X|S with an interesting setting in the 70s and smugglers.

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