The creators of Tormented Souls received funding and announced that the next game will be on Unreal Engine 5


With the success of the Resident Evil-inspired project Tormented Souls, the Dual Effect team is looking to the future with confidence as they plan to develop a new Unreal Engine 5 video game that is already taking shape thanks in part to investments received from the Chilean government.

In an interview with brothers Gabriel and Herman Araneda for LaQuintaEmprende, the founders of Dual Effect talked about the entrepreneurial challenges they faced in realizing their vision of a Resident Evil-inspired survival horror game, Tormented Souls.

The dynamic Chilean developer duo have confirmed their commitment to stay on track with their latest project and build their next video game using the most advanced Unreal Engine 5 tools thanks to funding from CORFO, the Chilean government body dedicated to promoting and supporting entrepreneurship in South America. country.

As the Araneda brothers themselves point out, “for us, the help offered by CORFO was incalculable, because it will allow us to continue to develop quality video games in the future.” Tormented Souls was made in Unity, which was a very advanced and efficient engine for what we were building, but for our new game, we wanted to go further, and for that we were looking at Unreal Engine 5. Thanks to the computers we acquired through PAR ( investment program associated with the Chilean CORFO – ed.), we now have the opportunity to work with this technology, which will allow us to develop a world-class product.”

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