The creators of Valheim showed the creation of a rabbit for the future Mistlands update


Developer Valheim, studio Iron Gate, has been working on a big update to Mistlands, or “Mistlands” for some time now, periodically giving players a preview to show different parts of the new biome and everything it contains. Another such preview was released this week, showing the creation of one of the animals that will inhabit the Misty Lands. However, the exact release date of the update has not yet been announced, so players will have to be content with such short cutscenes for now.

The latest preview of Mistlands does a great job of showcasing the rabbit that will be added after the release of the update. It’s called “Mistlands Hare” and you can watch a video showing the rabbit below.

This bunny preview is a far cry from some of the other Misty Lands stuff that’s been featured before, including an overview of an area that looks a lot less friendly than a bunny, but that’s pretty logical for Valheim. The rabbit does not seem to have any special qualities and, as the video description states, the new territory of the Valheim Misty Lands should be filled with a variety of creatures, and not just inhabited by threat after threat.

The Valheim biome is home to all sorts of creatures, and the Mistylands will be no exception! Here you can take a look at how our artists created one of the… less formidable denizens you’ll encounter in the Misty Lands. What do you think?

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