The CW may cancel two of its DC series (including the yet-to-be-released Gotham Knights)


Over the years, several DC shows have experienced ups and downs: low ratings, loss of public interest, and more. Although some of them were able to return, others simply perished. Now, the DC Television Universe is facing another major challenge that could once again lead to the cancellation of two of its shows on The CW, including the yet-to-be-aired series Gotham Knights.

According to Deadline, The CW will cancel at least half of the four DC projects airing on the channel. “Legends of Tomorrow” is one of the series that is unlikely to be renewed, as it is outdated and has gone through several cast changes during its existence. Another series that could suffer the same fate is Gotham Knights, which recently received a pilot order. But since the latter takes place in the same universe as Batwoman, at least one of them will be filmed for one season. Meanwhile, the relatively new series Naomi could be getting a second season before saying goodbye.

The decision to cancel some of the shows came amid rumors that The CW was being sold by WarnerMedia and Paramount. However, the network is known for properly shutting down its series, as was the case with Stephen Amell’s Arrow and Melissa Benoist’s Supergirl. However, the CW ownership uncertainty could be bad news for Legends of Tomorrow and Gotham Knights fans.

Despite rumors, Legends of Tomorrow, Gotham Knights and Batwoman could still be renewed as there has been no official news yet. Loyal fans have no choice but to wait a few weeks to find out the fate of some of their favorite shows – in about a month, TV channels will unveil their fall schedules and announce which shows will be renewed or cancelled.

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