The deluxe version of Ghostwire: Tokyo has been successfully hacked and is already uploaded to torrents


Another Bethesda game didn’t last too long against the pirate community. A hacker group led by FairLight that successfully bypassed Ghostwire: Tokyo’s built-in security today. They managed to hack the Deluxe version of the game and upload it to popular torrent sites when the official release of the project took place only today.

20 minutes of hacked Ghostwire: Tokyo gameplay

The extended version of Ghostwire: Tokyo includes the soundtrack and some bonus material. According to hackers, it was easy enough to crack the novelty. Ghostwire: Tokyo has several anti-piracy systems built in that are very easy to bypass.

Ghostwire: Tokyo is available on PC and consoles. Judging by the assessments of the press, the developers got a dynamic action game with addictive gameplay, but a weak plot.

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