The developer has shared new details of Sonic Colors: Ultimate

Sonic Colors: Ultimate is the upcoming remaster of the original 2010 game for the Nintendo Wii. While modern Sonic games have been popular, Sonic Colors has been warmly received by critics and fans alike. It offers a solid and stylish mix of classic 2D platformer and 3D action using Wisps – special helper characters that guide Sonic throughout the level. With the release of the remaster of Sonic Colors: Ultimate on September 7th, we’ve seen more gameplay.

In the original game, the world was complex and visually stunning, and has since been updated with a new remaster to make it visually clearer. The new footage looks great and reflects what made the original Sonic Colors such a beloved game among Sonic fans. An interview with producer Sega Calvin Vu about the creation of Sonic Colors: Ultimate has appeared online.

Sonic Colors: Ultimate is a cult fan favorite. What was it like returning to this game that found an audience on the Nintendo Wii and bringing it back to life for today’s audience?

Coming back to Colors was an amazing experience. Since it was originally developed for the Wii, we did a bit of work to reimagine the gameplay for new consoles and PCs so that more fans can enjoy the game. We’ve spent a lot of time bringing it up to today’s high definition quality, supporting resolutions up to 4K on compatible platforms, and working on several aspects of the game, including improved lighting and visuals, improved textures, audio remix, and overall, refined gameplay elements. process. We’ve worked incredibly hard to make Sonic Colors: Ultimate the best game it could be, and we can’t wait to see our new and returning fans experience it firsthand in September.

What do you think sets Sonic Colors apart from other modern Sonic games, and why do you think it is still so highly regarded by Sonic fans?

Sonic Colors was one of several Nintendo exclusives developed by Sonic Team during the Wii / Wii U era, which was an exciting time for SEGA from a creative standpoint. With the Wii, we were able to introduce a whole new playstyle at the time, using Nintendo technology to encourage players to stand up while playing. Fans were incredibly receptive to the interactive elements of Colors and left a lot of fun memories as family and friends played the game on the Wii.

Colors also introduced Sonic “Wisps” and “Color Powers”, which were an important game addition to the series that fans loved. We’re thrilled to bring Colors to our current platforms to share these creative gameplay elements for all types of players.

Along with the updated presentation, can you talk about what new content will be added to this game that makes it different from the original?

There are quite a few gameplay improvements that really make this game feel like the best version of Sonic Colors. We’ve added a new light to the game – Jade Ghost. The power of this light’s color allows Sonic to fly like a ghost and pass through objects using his homing attack and reach new areas. There’s also sweet spot attack, a new mechanic that rewards Sonic when he accurately calculates his attacks with extra boost energy. New customization options are available for the Sonic. Players can collect Park Tokens that they find throughout the game and exchange them to unlock various boots, gloves, power-ups, and auras to change Sonic’s appearance. We’ve also added a new feature called “Rival Rush” where players can race against Metal Sonic in separate acts around the world.

Sonic Colors: Ultimate

Sonic Colors: Ultimate

Sonic Colors: Ultimate

The original Sonic Colors also had a spin-off game for the Nintendo DS with its own set of levels and storyline. Were there any considerations from the early stages of this project to get back to this game again?

We mainly focused on updating the Nintendo Wii version of Sonic Colors. It was a great game on a platform that we felt the need to modernize for the more powerful platforms we have today and attract more players. However, many of the fan-favorite Wii locations have also appeared in the Nintendo DS version, such as Sweet Mountain and Aquarium Park, which fans can rediscover in Sonic Colors: Ultimate.

Sega is also working with developer Blind Squirrel Games on Sonic Colors: Ultimate, who has experience in porting and remastering other classics. What was it like working with them on this project?

Working with Blind Squirrel Games on Sonic Colors: Ultimate was amazing. They are experts in their field and have been able to help realize our shared vision of a remaster. With Blind Squirrel, we’ve been able to bring a fresh touch to some of Color’s most beloved environments and keep great gameplay elements loyal to longtime fans while also improving gameplay for current generation platforms.

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