The developer is working on a game about a killer squirrel on Unreal Engine 5


In the pursuit of maximum realism, more developers are turning to tech demos in Unreal Engine 5. Most recently, we saw Batman on UE5 in an extremely realistic design, but this is almost nothing compared to this squirrel capable of handling pistols and machine guns.

Appeared on the web hilarious video, in which we look at an almost real squirrel in every detail for 20 seconds. The video attracted quite a bit of attention: the model is really striking due to the fine details of the fur and smooth movements, which is another sign that Unreal Engine 5 will be revolutionary in the coming years. However, the surprise comes about twenty seconds after the cutscene begins, when the gentle creature is wielding a gun with both paws.

In the video, the squirrel can be seen trying to control the gun…until it switches from pistol to Uzi, quickly emptying the entire magazine and taking off due to the recoil. In just two days, 1.4 million people have watched this short video, and the retweets continue to come in, including comments in the form of memes and many positive comments about this fun project.

The developer himself, Dan DeEntremont, confirmed that this will not be just a one-time tech demo, but a full-fledged shooter. Obviously the fans are looking forward to it. There is no exact release date, but the developer has begun to be more active is divided social media content.

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