The developer of the new Perfect Dark boasted an image of a detailed character

Matt Corcoran, lead artist at The Initiative, which develops Perfect Dark, on his personal blog shared impressive portrayal of the character. His work shows incredible detail and manual work even on small details.

According to Corcoran himself, his character was created entirely by hand without the use of templates and ready-made textures. The artist independently worked on every detail of the face, from pores, wrinkles and freckles. The character’s appearance was created in ZBrush, Maya and XGen, and Unreal Engine 5 was responsible for the final rendering.

Full version of Matt Corcoran's work
Full version of Matt Corcoran’s work

The new work of Matt Corcoran is worthy of attention not only because of the quality of detail, the developer may well hint at some connection with Perfect Dark. The game can use the same technology to create high-quality character faces.

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