The developers of Animal Shelter have already managed to help three animal shelters. They thank the fans for their indifference


On December 25, 2021, Animal Shelter developers announced that they will donate a total of $10,000 to 5 animal shelters, $2,000 each. Now they thank everyone who took part in the campaign and published a list of shelters that will receive donations.

Animal shelters that will receive the donation:

  1. Feral Feline Friends of East Tennessee
  2. Best Friend Dog and Animal Adoption
  3. Ziggy’s Poezenparadijskilkurtonie
  4. Look dein Tierschutzverein
  5. Galgos del Sol

Managed to donate $6,000 to three shelters. Below is proof of the transfer.

✅ Ziggy’s Poezenparadijskilkurtonie

✅ Look dein Tierschutzverein

✅ Galgos del Sol

Unfortunately, Games Incubator is still unable to contact two animal shelters:

❌ Feral Feline Friends of East Tennessee

❌ Best Friend Dog and Animal Adoption

If anyone has direct contact with one of these shelters, please contact us on Discord, we would like to transfer the promised amount as soon as possible and support animal shelters around the world.

According to the developers, their mission to help animals around the world is not over. Together with the whole team and the leadership of Games Incubator, they decided to release the Animal Shelter soundtrack, which will be available for purchase in the near future. All proceeds from the sale of the soundtrack will go to an organization that helps animals in need.

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