The developers of Dune: Spice Wars told about the Freeman faction


Developers from Shiro Games publisher funcom introduced the fourth playable faction in Dune Spice Wars – Freemen or Freemen. With greater ability to move and resist the open desert, less chance of attracting colossal sandworms, and an improved ability to ally with hidden sietch (neutral native settlements), the Fremen have the unique ability to expand their area of ​​influence to control the planet.

The Fremen are the original inhabitants of Arrakis. Outraged by the Imperial invaders, they wage a fierce and merciless resistance. Often underestimated, their martial prowess is well known to the few who are lucky enough to survive an encounter with them. During the 60 years of Harkonnen occupation, the Fremen had been a constant thorn in the baron’s side.

Their dream and long-term goal is to turn the planet into a lush, temperate planet, which could threaten the spice trade. The Spice Wars are an opportunity to free the planet from Imperial grip that the Fremen would be more than happy to take advantage of.

The Fremen are masters of military influence over a wide area. They can travel long distances in the desert in a short amount of time using their legendary ability to ride sandworms, resupply less often and further from home, and resist superior forces for longer.

Their unique units include:

  • Warriors are the bread and butter of Fremen fighters. Armed with long knives, they are experts at using the landscape of Arrakis to disorientate their opponents.
  • Scouts are so accustomed to the desert that they remain invisible and inaudible until they strike with two of their knives. Their sudden attacks will always find a weak point, breaking the will and concentration of the enemy.
  • Skirmishers have a large supply of grenades. They use them to ambush heavily armored units and soften them up for other comrades to finish them off.
  • The Fedaykin are the elite of the Fremen army. Oddly trained and armed with fearsome crysknives, they only become stronger the more foes they face.
  • Coulomb caravans are clan water holders. While they can fight off invaders with Maula rifles, their primary function is to set up camp for the Ieregs. In the camp, all Fremen troops will be hidden, cured and supplied. As such, Coulomb caravans are best placed near outlying villages as proxy bases for attacks.

Dune: Spice Wars Coming to Early Access for PC via Steam on April 26

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