The developers of the System Shock remake showed a new gameplay with the use of unique weapons


Journalists from PC Gamer were one of the first to try out a remake of the cult sci-fi shooter System Shock. The developers allowed the editors to get acquainted with the arsenal of the game and experience the almost completed project. We can now see new gameplay footage using the unique System Shock weapon.

According to journalists, the technical execution of shooting in the remake is performed at the highest level. The most ordinary pistol is nothing of itself, but it will still be pleasant to shoot from it because of the visual accompaniment. Enemies react differently to hits, and after death they can beautifully shatter into pieces.

In addition, excellent work with animations is noted. Each type of weapon feels completely unique in the hands of the player, and the moment of reloading the pump-action shotgun completely aroused the journalist’s delight.

One of the main advantages of the System Shock remake will definitely be its visual component. The game does not have fancy lighting systems or support for advanced graphics technology, but the overall picture looks atmospheric and pleasant.

The System Shock remake is due out on PC and consoles. The developers emphasize that the game can already be completed from beginning to end, but they do not want to rush the release. The team is going to fix minor bugs and check the balance as part of a closed test.

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