The developers of V Rising reported another success

Two days ago, the authors boasted of a million copies sold, but today this figure has increased to 1.5 million.

The anomalous popularity of survival simulator V Rising never ceases to amaze – today the developers reported another financial success in the form of 1.5 million copies sold. At the same time, daily online has declined and currently ranges from 50 to 110 thousand players, although a couple of days ago this figure did not fall below 100 thousand.

V Rising is an original survival simulator in which you play as a vampire and experience the delights of a monster’s life. It is much more interesting than ours, so in addition to mining resources, you still have to build an ominous castle, drink human blood, avoid sunlight and interact with other players in an open world. The game has just entered early access, but it already has a lot of interesting content, for which the project has gained popularity.

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