The development of Lords of the Fallen 2 has been delayed, but the first news about the game will appear very soon


Developers from the CI Games studio are finally talking about a sequel to the hardcore action-RPG Lords of the Fallen. It was announced on the official website of the studio that news about Lords of the Fallen 2 will appear this year, and the release of the game will take place in 2023. The team is preparing to release a trailer in the near future and polish the game.

According to studio representatives, the development of Lords of the Fallen 2 really dragged on and shifted the company’s original plans, but the wait will be worth it. Now the project is at the final stage and is undergoing the necessary polishing of all elements. The sequel to Lords of the Fallen announced several important improvements, including a new combat system and setting.

The promo campaign for Lords of the Fallen 2 is due to launch in the second half of 2022. Developers are preparing trailers, screenshots and interviews with developers. Right now, the team is studying the market and preparing for upcoming gaming events.

Lords of the Fallen 2 is in development for PC, Xbox Series and PlayStation 5.

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