The effectiveness of Elden Ring spells is partly dependent on weather conditions.

Since its launch last week, Elden Ring has taken the gaming community by storm. The FromSoftware game has broken several records since its release and is expected to break even more barriers.

Some players find the game very tough. Others, on the contrary, praise the game’s storyline, design, combat, and realism. In particular, Elden Ring’s weather mechanic is a brilliant example of how alive and realistic gameplay can be.

Weather conditions are a vital part of gameplay and it greatly affects Elden Ring combat, especially when it comes to spells. Fans recently discovered that the type of weather drastically affects the effectiveness of spells and how much damage they deal to enemies. This is a huge discovery as it can go a long way in determining success in a game. This discovery was recently shared by the user Reddit Light_inc in two screenshots that compare a fire spell and a lightning spell in two different conditions.

In Elden Ring, your spell damage changes depending on the weather. If it’s raining, fire spells do less damage and lightning spells do more.

He noticed that fire spells do different damage in rainy and dry weather. The screenshot shows a fire spell dealing 429 damage in dry weather, while the same damage was reduced to 386 in rainy weather. Rainy weather can also be a friend if the right spell is chosen. For example, the following screenshot compares a lightning spell in rainy and sunny weather. Interestingly, the lightning spell was more powerful in rainy conditions, where it dealt 677 damage, while in sunny weather, the spell dealt only 616 damage. At first glance, the difference may not seem like much, but in fact, the use of weather in their interests can go a long way to success in the game.

Elden Ring is available on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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