The Fire and Ice update is already available in War Thunder

It added branches of Finnish air and ground equipment, dozens of other types of tanks, ships and aircraft.

With the Fire and Ice update, Finnish air and ground equipment branches are now available in War Thunder, including its main star, the BT-42 tank. Also, players can try out other types of tanks, ships and aircraft, including the modern American M1A2 SEP tank with the TUSK kit, the Japanese battleship Fuso, the latest Russian anti-aircraft gun 2S38 “Derivation-PVO”, as well as visit two new locations – “Arktika” and “Rocky Canyon “.

The game also featured the first samples of tanks and boats armed with flamethrowers, and updated visual effects. Aircraft fuselages now have realistic volumetric holes that complement the local effects of smoke and fires, and the splash when the aircraft hits the water has been redesigned and become even more spectacular.

Detailed information about all the new features of the Fire and Ice update is available on the official War Thunder website.

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