The first 15 minutes of the Sniper Elite 5 story campaign

A new gameplay video of the stealth shooter Sniper Elite 5 was published on the video channel of the gaming publication IGN. In it, you can see the passage of the introductory task, which takes place on the Atlantic Wall. It should be noted that a little earlier published another video with a demonstration of the gameplay, but they only have the initial splash screen in the engine in common – further actions in them are completely different. This video shows the first 15 minutes of the game, on the published footage you can also see an improved kill camera.

Sniper Elite 5 continues the WWII sandbox sniper series with expanded Hitman-style open-country level design, tons of weapon customization, character upgrades, and a story designed to stop Nazi secret plans. The game is set on D-Day and the first few missions have Karl Fairbairn sent out in a submarine to destroy the guns ahead of the Allied invasion, and then uncover a deeper Nazi plot called Project Kraken. The developers at Rebellion want to adapt the game to a wide variety of playstyles, which they have categorized into stealth, control, power, and speed. In accordance with this idea, the Atlantic Wall map has many different routes, from open fields to trenches and underground bunkers. There is more than one way to destroy artillery all over the map and disable the massive radar installation.

Sniper Elite 5 releases May 26 on all major platforms including PlayStation 4, PS5, Xbox Series X|S and PC. The game features both single player, co-op and multiplayer, including player invasions of the campaign.

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