The first 18 minutes of Fallout: London mod gameplay for Fallout 4


The developers of the ambitious Fallout: London mod for Fallout 4 have just released the first 18 minutes of gameplay.

As a continuation of the main game, this mod will allow the player to visit a previously unexplored post-apocalyptic London. Visiting an entirely new setting will allow you to explore entirely new cultures that have not mingled with their American counterparts. It will also explore pre-war European history and the impact of resource wars on class society in pre-war Britain.

After two years of development, the play area of ​​the mod is now roughly the size of the base game.

Fallout: London takes place in the year 2237, that is, between the events of Fallout 1 and 2.

If you don’t like it, cool your fucking CFRP.

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