The first reviews of Horizon: Forbidden West, which reveal interesting features of the game, have been leaked to the network


Journalists have already got their hands on an early copy of Horizon: Forbidden West for PlayStation consoles. Apparently, the Chinese media began publishing reviews of the game ahead of time and sharing new screenshots. The leak reveals very interesting features of the sequel, which the developers have prepared explicitly as a surprise for the players.

The review has already been removed from public access, but users still managed to save the most important thing from him. According to Chinese journalists, in Horizon: Forbidden West it will be possible to fly on unique machines. The main character will be able to hack flying robots that look like pterodactyls.

The Chinese reviewer reportedly liked the Horizon: Zero Dawn sequel in general. He notes the surprisingly well-designed surrounding world, which is filled with various robots and creatures. As a conclusion, the author of the review believes that the developers from the Guerrilla Games studio turned out to be the right continuation of the story, which in some places can still surprise.

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