The full version of Elden Ring has already fallen into the hands of players who show off their achievements and plot twists


Caution, important spoilers to the new game from FromSoftware studio. Owners of early pre-orders of Elden Ring disc editions, as is often the case, got their hands on the game a week before release. Apparently, there were so many owners of the full version of the game that the Internet was flooded with plot details of the game and analyzes of the open world, and someone is already showing off the achievements they have received.

According to messages user under the nickname SinclairLore, he had long ago got his hands on a disc with a game for the PlayStation. He successfully completed Elden Ring, killed all the bosses and even got all the achievementsknocking out the platinum trophy.

Other gamers went beyond words and launched their streams on Twitch and YouTube. The publisher Bandai Namco is trying to save users from plot spoilers by promptly deleting videos and blocking streams, but large forums are already full of discussion about DLC and Elden Ring 2.

Elden Ring will be officially released on February 25 on PC and consoles.

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