The head of Marvel Studios assured that the series “Moon Knight” will be violent


Since it was announced that Marvel Studios will develop the seriesmoon knight” for Disney+, there were questions about how the hero will be presented to us. After all, there is a darker and perhaps a bit darker aspect to Mark Spector’s story that is completely different from what a studio backed by Disney.

But though”moon knight“will obviously be aired in a family format and probably won’t reach the level of violence that”Daredevil” or “peacemaker“, Kevin Feige wants you to know that violence will still be present in the series starring Oscar Isaac

In a recent interview with Empire, the head Marvel Studios assured that “moon knight” will be “cruel”.

It’s been a lot of fun working with Disney Plus and seeing the boundaries of what we can do change. There are times (on the show) when Moon Knight fights another character and it’s a pretty tough scene and the first reaction is, “We’re going to back out, right?”. No. We do not refuse. The tone changes. This is a completely different matter. This is Moon Knight.

In the comics, Mark/Steven gains superpowers when he comes into contact with Khonsu, for whom he later becomes a kind of conduit. Isaac said that Mark’s mental health is something that will be delicately addressed on the show. Describing the miniseries as a “risk” venture, he added:

He is an ambiguous hero, and the things we deal with are very different. But since it’s a mini-series and not a movie, there’s no pressure on us to make sure the opening weekend is massive. We can take more risks, bring experimental quality to a huge scale.

Along with Isaac and Feige’s statements, Empire also revealed two new stills from Moon Knight, including a cover with a closer look at the costume and an image featuring one of Moon Knight’s personalities, Mister Knight.

The series is about Stephen Grant, a soft-bodied gift shop worker who begins to suffer from memory lapses and memories of another life. Steven discovers that he has dissociative identity disorder and shares a body with mercenary Mark Spector. When Steven and Mark’s enemies catch up with them, they must sort out their complex identities and delve into a deadly mystery connected to the mighty gods of Egypt.

Moon Knight is coming to Disney+ just over a year after Marvel launched its first series on the streaming service. The series also stars Ethan Hawke, May Calamaoui and the late Gaspard Ulliel. Moon Knight premieres March 30 on Disney+.

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