The last add-on for Hitman 3 – Season of the Sloth has been released

Hitman 3’s latest DLC, Season of the Sloth, kicks off tomorrow, June 15th. The new DLC is part of The Seven Deadly Sins content, which previously covered both Greed and Pride. Season of the Sloth adds new content for Agent 47, including new cosmetics, weapons, and a new Escalation mission.

The Laziness Depletion Escalation introduces a fresh take on the Dartmoor location from Hitman 3 and promises to plunge you into the depths of Agent 47’s mind. You’ll also get access to the Lotophage Suit, which also makes 47 look sleazier than usual, like the Slapdash SMG and the Goldbrick Proximity Mine in the form of a snail …

The first act of the Seven Deadly Sins DLC was dedicated to Greed. Pride and Sloth is followed by Lust, Gluttony, Wrath and Envy, so there is still a lot to wait for Hitman fans.

Paid content for each season individually costs $ 5. Otherwise, all seasonal content is included in the Seven Deadly Sins DLC, which has a total cost of $ 30.

In addition to ongoing DLC ​​development for Hitman 3, IO Interactive is creating a new James Bond game with an original storyline.

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