The Last of Us remake will be released this year, says Jeff Grubb


The Last of Us remake has yet to be announced, but everyone is talking about it. Now it looks like the game is due out this year, in 2022. The information comes from rumors received by Jeff Grubb.

VentureBeat journalist and industry insider Jeff Grubb reported:

“I keep hearing that The Last of Us remake is coming out this year, closer to Christmas.”

We remind you that we are talking about rumors, not official information. As mentioned, The Last of Us remake hasn’t been officially announced, but last year Jason Schreier broke his silence on the project. By now, everyone thinks it’s practically confirmed, with the only thing expected to be a real announcement from Sony’s PlayStation and Naughty Dog.

As reported, The Last of Us Remake will primarily offer a graphically updated PS5 version of the original 2013 game. However, at the same time, changes and additions will be made that expand the gameplay.

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