The latest Cyberpunk 2077 update improves artificial intelligence even in cats


Cyberpunk 2077 version 1.5 is very different from what we got in 2020. While the NPC behavior change seems like a minor fix, it has breathed new life into Night City and made it much more exciting.

But not only human AI has been perfected. Many returned to Cyberpunk players have noticed that the cats are now acting much more like cats, as V’s pet can be seen all over the apartment in completely new situations.

If you have adopted a charming hairless cutie – Nibbles the cat, then after the last update you will not always be able to find him in the usual place. As many have discovered, he can now roam your apartment and do the usual cat activities, such as drink straight from the sink instead of your bowl, which is infinitely more convenient. Another player reported that Nibbles is also trying to drink from the shower and won’t like it at all if you turn it on while he’s under it.

Nibbles also tackles every cat owner’s biggest headache – destroying the carpet. Your feline friend seems to think that the whole apartment belongs to him and can be seen everywhere with his claws on the furniture.

This says that CD Project Red knows what the fans wanted, and this is far from the only example of developers adding fanservice.

Despite the size of these two updates, the work is not finished yet. DLC still on the way, CDPR recently stated that she is trying to achieve 60 FPS on Xbox Series S. There’s no word yet on when this might be implemented, but it’s at least a request that the developers are aware of.

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