The latest update 1.5.1 for Crusader Kings 3 has added new events


First announced in late 2019, Crusader Kings 3 had a pretty strong first year and launched its first major expansion not too long ago. Since then, Paradox Interactive has continued to develop the game, adding new features and improving existing ones. Now a new update has been released, which brings new events and improvements to the royal court.

The first major addition in the latest Crusader Kings 3 update is a few new events. Paradox Interactive doesn’t want to reveal them before players can see them for themselves, but those who are interested can check out five new events in the latest developer blog. Over a dozen new events have been added to the game, and several of them are annual events.

This update also brought several graphical improvements to the royal courts. Lighting has been revised for these majestic halls, adding richer shadows and enhancing the color of many scenes. In addition, several artifacts have received new models that will allow them to be displayed in the royal court, including several swords and the absolutely massive Solomon’s Throne.

Of course, there are plenty of balance changes and bug fixes in this update as well; you can read about all new materials and changes here.

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