The latest update has added a new aircraft, map and self-propelled guns to IL-2: Sturmovik

In addition, the traditional autumn sale has started: all games released in the series are up to 85% off.

  • The most massive military transport aircraft of the Second World War, the C-47 Skytrain, is involved in the pilot’s career mode in the Normandy and Rhineland. It performs tasks such as delivering cargo, landing paratroopers and cargo.

  • The map “Western Front” covers the period of spring 1918. The developers plan to continue developing the World War I theme by completing a full map scene along the front lines.

  • The new German self-propelled artillery mount StuG III Ausf.G is built on the chassis of the medium tank Pz.III Ausf. M manufactured by the MAN plant. The Ausführung G modification became the most massive – during the war years, 7800 of them were produced. They were equipped with a 75 mm StuK 40 L / 48 cannon with an artillery periscope sight, side armor screens, smoke grenade launchers and a loader’s MG34 light machine gun.

The new content of update 5.003 is already available in the game. Two new packs have also appeared on sale – Tank Crew Premium and Deluxe. The Premium edition is available on the official website of IL-2: Sturmovik, and the Deluxe version is available on Steam. On both platforms, the game and add-ons can be purchased with discounts of up to 85%.

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