The modder showed how the hero from Elden Ring would fight in the Skyrim universe


On the M.G_ Play YouTube channel dedicated to the combination of various mods, 3 videos have been released with the transfer of the combat system of Souls games, including Elden Ring, to The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

Full list of mods to achieve this combat mechanics (they can be found on our website):

  • Ultimate Combat
  • simple block spark
  • Skysa
  • Anchor animation DAR
  • Dynamic Animation Replacer
  • Dynamic Combat Module
  • wild cat
  • Zxclip potion drink animation
  • zxclip backstab
  • Zx clip hitstop
  • Stagger on hit
  • true directional movement
  • The ultimate dodge mod
  • unblockable
  • metal combat

Demonstration of a combination of the above mods:


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