The network got a fresh screenshot from the proposed new Silent Hill


Insider Dusk Golem shared one new screenshot, which he says is taken from the next part of Silent Hill.

This screenshot can be seen below:

Several studios are working on the new Silent Hill, according to Dusk Golem. According to rumors, Masahiro Ito, the monster designer for the first three parts of Silent Hill and Metal Gear Survive, also participates in its development. So far, nothing is known about the plot of the game and its gameplay, but judging by the fact that none of the leaked screenshots shows the main character, it is quite possible that the game will have a first-person view, like its predecessor – PT Dusk Golem also has about 30 images related to the game at his disposal, but he does not plan to share them all, at least for now. Plus, according to Dusk Golem, there is at least one other Silent Hill game in development alongside this game.

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