The network leaked the concepts for the canceled “Superman” with Henry Cavill from J. J. Abrams


In 2013, the world saw the premiere of the film “Man of Steel”, which cemented Henry Cavill’s image of the new Superman. The return of the strongest DC superhero could have taken place as early as 2005, but the project was canceled and has undergone many changes. Today we can partially see how the film could have turned out thanks to a new leak.

The network has published several concept art for the excellent film, which allow you to understand its general mood. The tape clearly wanted to be made more vivid and closer to the original comics, as evidenced by the illustration of the costume.

J. J. Abrams was reportedly in charge of the film’s production at the time. The project was called “Superman: Flyby”, and they wanted to invite Henry Cavill or Jude Law to the main role.

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