The official concept art for the unreleased Batman movie with Ben Affleck has appeared online


While the screening of the new “Batman” with Robert Pattinson is in full swing at the world box office, artist Keith Christensen decided to recall the canceled film with Ben Affleck. On his Instagram, he posted a series of official concept art approved for a film that we will never see again.

The published images were allegedly taken by Affleck himself, who was previously listed as the film’s director. The artist managed to work out the details of the new suit and additional elements of Batman’s armor.

According to the plot of the canceled film, Bruce Wayne’s main antagonist was Deathstroke. The villain literally destroyed the reputation of the Dark Knight of Gotham and got close to the relatives of the protagonist. The audience could see the complex moral and psychological experiences of Batman, but the tape was canceled and the story was rewritten.

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