The official Terraria wiki is no longer official


Developers from Re-Logic announced the launch of a new version of the digital encyclopedia of the game. The creators said that they are collaborating with Freedom Games to make the new official source of information about the sandbox game.

The new official Terraria wiki is up and running and contains all the information from the old encyclopedia.

Re-Logic has long wanted to achieve a more generic look and feel across various sites and diversify the ways in which our fans interact with Terraria,” the developer’s announcement reads. So we made it happen using style elements from our website and our forums.

From a practical standpoint, Re-Logic now has a closer relationship with wiki owners. This means that ideas to change the wiki based on community feedback are more likely. You’ll also find that the new encyclopedia has fewer intrusive ads.

As before, Re-Logic does not receive anything (revenue, etc.) from the wiki, the developers say. Our participation here is strictly in order to maximize the experience for Terraria fans.

The existing Fandom-managed wiki will also remain operational.

We don’t have any issues with that and we think she will continue to be a good additional option for fans.

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