The Outer Worlds 2 game announced

The Outer Worlds 2 from Microsoft-owned Obsidian Games was revealed at the Xbox launch at E3 2021. Aside from the logo image and some flashy images that may or may not be from the game itself, several other details were revealed.

Outer Worlds 2 Set To Launch On Xbox Series X | S and PC and will appear on the Xbox Games Pass at launch, just like Microsoft games do.

The Outer Worlds 2 trailer was aimed at games that used the E3 time to not actually share information, but instead just display the logo. The Outer Worlds 2 is likely to be an Xbox and PC exclusive given the purchase of Obsidian by Microsoft after the original game was announced. The first The Outer Worlds also launched on Xbox Games Pass, but also launched on PS4 at the time.

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