The PC version of BioShock Infinite is constantly getting updates, but no one knows why


Since the end of last year, BioShock Infinite has received dozens of monthly updates. Fans have noticed this today, and many are hoping for big BioShock news soon.

The updates began in September 2021 and have increased every month since then. Starting with seven updates in 2021, they have reached ten in the new year. There were 13 changes in March alone, with the last of them just two days ago.

One theory is that this is BioShock Infinite preparing for release on Steam Deck, as the game is currently not officially compatible with a hybrid console, which is a rather egregious oversight at launch.

More optimistic fans are hoping the updates point to a full remaster to replace the original Infinite release on the digital store. This is not uncommon: recently the GTA Trilogy, albeit controversially, replaced their original releases and the creators removed them from digital stores, after criticism of such actions they were returned to their place. The same thing happened with the first six Final Fantasy games, although in this case the originals were not restored.

A third, less exciting possibility is that 2K Games is actually working on its own launcher. With many gamers still refusing to download the Epic Games Store, even for an exclusive they like, this is unlikely to please the community. If we go back to the GTA trilogy, that chaotic release is unlikely to have positively influenced the idea of ​​​​multiple launchers. When the long-awaited remasters came out, the Rockstar Launcher required to play them crashed, leaving PC users unable to play the purchased game for several days.

We’ll have to wait and see if that leads to anything. At the moment, there are no reports from 2K games.

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