The PC version of Elden Ring received mixed reviews from players, almost everyone criticizes the performance


Elden Ring went out tonight PlayStation, Xbox and PC and on the last platform showed excellent numbers of peak online, at the time of writing the post, the game is 764.835 players. Players immersed themselves in the world of the Interearth with great pleasure, but users met the role-playing action with mixed reviews. It currently stands at 59% (based on over 10,000 ratings).

Many scold the technical component of the game, complain about the optimization and sudden slowdowns that occur in random places. This problem was also brought to the attention of technical experts from Digital Foundrywho believe that the point is optimization for DirectX 12. There are also problems with management and Easy Anti-Cheat, it prevents some players from getting into the game and requires downloading separate files.

Here are some of the reviews:

This game is not yet ready for PC. From launching the game to exiting the game, or should I say I can’t exit the game, there are plenty of technical issues that prevent you from fully enjoying the game without running into issues. Not yet recommended.

Spontaneous FPS drops up to 10-15 units in the open world, which makes it completely impossible to fight in the open world. When the graphic settings are reduced, the game starts to look like ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥, but the FPS does not change even by one. It is not clear why they are needed there at all.

There was a hard crash 30 minutes into the game, the computer froze 1 hour into the game, and lots of random fps drops. Updating the GPU drivers seems to have at least stopped the crashes, but overall performance leaves a lot to be desired. The game itself is very fun and I will change this review to a positive one when the game works the way it should have worked from day one.

What the hell is with easy anti cheat?! Why, when buying a AAA game, a contender for the game of the year, do I have to search the forums for a solution to the problem with this anti-cheat and download third-party files in order to run the game? Why, when I launch the game for the first time, am I accused of cheating and denied network mode?! The developers are lucky that there are no new games and, by and large, there is nothing to play!

You press play, and it says “something is wrong with your anti-cheat”, you go to download a third-party file to fix it.
I went into the game, and the FPS is somehow not enough even at the minimum, you look, and she decided that your integrated vidyaha is stupidly top.
Two problems at the launch stage are some kind of bust.

If the game didn’t freeze to the point where the mini-boss manages to do the entire attack animation, move halfway across most of the field and kill you, with no way to defend because the character was frozen all this time, this game would probably be pretty funny. My computer specs are better than recommended, so take that into account.

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