The player came up with a new build for Cyberpunk 2077 that will never take damage


One of the biggest issues with the release of Cyberpunk 2077 was character skills, most of which didn’t quite work right. In patch 1.5, CD Projekt RED made a significant overhaul of the skill system, but balance issues remain. Recently, a player managed to create a build that makes your character an immortal killing machine.

The user under the nickname AbraHamSandwich managed to significantly upgrade the ability of the netrunner. Without the use of mods and third-party programs, simply by learning the right perks, such a character will never take damage and at the same time will instantly kill opponents.

The enthusiast was surprised by the reworked abilities in the patch. AbraHamSandwich noted that with the latest update for the game, they did get better, but some still “remain broken”. His netrunner build allows you to not just sit passively behind the cameras, but to burst into the thick of the battle and easily emerge victorious from there.

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