The PlayStation console was mistaken for a bomb, which led to the evacuation of people from the airport


This past weekend, General Logan International Airport in Boston was evacuated due to a bomb threat caused by an old PlayStation that was in such a state of disrepair that it fooled security.

Passengers in Terminal A were asked to leave the airport due to a suspicious object found in one of the passengers’ bag, while others already on the planes were filmed for security reasons. One traveler named Nico Pisello told NBC Boston that there were moments of intense panic, with people “shouting like it was some kind of movie”. According to Pizello, there was a lack of communication from the airport staff:

I think the craziest moment in the whole story was that no one in the terminal knew what was going on, so I sat on the bus with my heart pounding and everyone else was absolutely calm.

Pizello said he tried to find out what was going on by going to Boston Logan’s social accounts but couldn’t find anything.

In the meantime, the bomb squad arrived on the scene shortly after 4:00 pm, and after appropriate checks, plus some additional checks, they found the unfortunate, badly damaged PlayStation, canceling the alarm and resuming normal airport operations.

Unfortunately, they didn’t specify what model of PlayStation it was, but it’s unlikely it was a Playstation 5. In any case, it remains to be hoped that the owner will take better care of their consoles in the future.

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