The recently leaked Silent Hill was supposed to be released in 2021, but it’s likely the game is still in active development.


According to new rumors circulating on the net, the newly revealed new Silent Hill project was supposed to come out last year.

After leaking the first images of Konami’s yet-to-be-announced new game in the series, Dusk Golem provided more information about the game, revealing that it was originally scheduled to release in October 2021. He also said that the project shown in the images was active half a year ago, so it is unlikely that it was mothballed, and that he believes we will finally see it in an official capacity soon.

The Silent Hill project I posted screenshots of in 2020 was originally supposed to come out in October 2021, but apparently it was in 2020 and COVID broke out. I now have confirmation that the game I posted the photo of was active half a year ago, which means that it is almost certainly still in development and is unlikely to have been mothballed in the last 6 months. While I don’t know exactly when this will happen, and I know the SH date rumors are cursed because of me, I personally believe we’ll see it soon.

As mentioned, last week Dusk Golem shared images from the yet-to-be-announced Silent Hill project. This project appears to be in development by more than one studio and is also being worked on by longtime series artist Masahiro Ito.

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