The release date of the remake of “Gothic” appeared on the Steam page


THQ Nordic Official’s publisher page has revealed the release date for the highly anticipated Gothic remake. The game is scheduled for release on March 31, 2023, but this should be treated with a grain of salt as it could be a stub for the first quarter.

Gothic Remake is a remake of the first part of “Gothic”, the creation of which has been going on for several years. In it, the creators have worked not only on the graphic component of the project, but also improved the combat system along with the controls. According to the developers, the remake remained true to the original of the first “Gothic”.

While there hasn’t been an official announcement as to when exactly the remake will be released, it looks like fans are willing to wait longer, “if only the developers kept the original atmosphere” and “what made the first part special.”

They can spend as much time as they need just to make sure the original atmosphere and immersion is preserved. I hope they don’t screw up and take their time and invite the same dubbing actors to release in my country.

I just hope they really keep what made Gothic 1 so special, and they didn’t just say that to make us feel better. Kind of like an old combat system that’s satisfying as you learn it, our old nameless hero who knows his place in the world where the game starts, rather than some wannabe villain with tattoos and a piece of armor slung over his shoulder.

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