The release of Dying Light 2 on Steam turned out to be extremely successful and surpassed the online original by almost 4 times


Dying Light 2 Stay Human was released a few hours ago, and despite mixed reviews from critics, the launch of the game on Steam without surprises turned out to be a huge success. According to SteamDB, the peak online in Dying Light 2 has already reached 164,591 people at the same time. The online original Dying Light has reached 45,876 players all-time, which means that the launch of Dying Light 2 on Steam was about 3.5 times the record of its predecessor.

This number of concurrent players shouldn’t come as much of a surprise, given that Dying Light 2 was #1 on the most anticipated games list for almost the entirety of last year. In addition to PC, Dying Light 2 has also been released on current and past generation consoles, and if the console release is as successful, the second part will easily surpass the original in sales.

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