The release of the new add-on for Subverse with the cat girl Taron will take place on March 11


Studio FOW reported in its Twitterthat the testing of the new update is almost completed and its release will take place on March 11, next Friday. In the future addition, the players will continue the storyline, new cutscenes, as well as another waifu – the cat girl Taron Kraask.

According to the description on the official website, Taron is from the Nikit race. It’s kind of like hentai humanoid cats, only in the world of Subverse. Most Nikitas are content to live a primitive life of hunting and gathering, but Taron fell in love with technology after she was lucky enough to find an alien vibrator.

Since she is still very young and has no experience with other cultures outside of her primitive planet, this will lead to all sorts of embarrassing situations. However, her eternal positivity, complaisance and genetic dependence on the pheromones of earthly men like the Captain make her a shining beacon of endless excitement aboard the Mary Celeste.

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