The release of the old-school jRPG Chained Echoes

This game from a solo developer has been in the making for seven years.

Chained Echoes is a massive jRPG inspired by classics from the SNES and PSX eras. Players will find themselves on the continent of Valandis, where after centuries of war, peace has finally reigned. However, rumors about the creation of weapons of mass destruction have begun to spread, and a group of protagonists will have to eliminate this new threat.

The game features magic, mechs, swords, boss fights, a complex story, and approximately 40 hours of content. Being a turn-based game, the title uses a specific combat system that allows for fast-paced combat while maintaining tremendous tactical depth.

The game is already out on PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series, Nintendo Switch and PC, and is also available on Xbox Game Pass on PC and consoles.

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